Pumpkin Pie & Yard Inflatables

Hello Kiddo,

It’s your Baba here on this last week of November. Your Mom and I are seeing things differently moving into the holidays as we anticipate your arrival soon. Being a transplant who had to travel for years when I moved away from my home town, I spent my 20s and early 30s traveling hours away for the holidays. I’ve come to adore Thanksgiving, in particular, being home and preparing a traditional meal that fills our house with activities and scents that make our four walls a home. Our local family gathered to enjoy a wholesome meal together. We collectively gave thanks, articulated heartfelt toasts to other families who need some support this year, and also acknowledged the empty corner of the table that will hold your high chair next year. You are loved before we even know you, little one. We look forward to your first tastes of Thanksgiving when it’s time. And your Baba looks forward to welcoming you into a long-standing tradition of enjoying Pumpkin Pie for breakfast the morning after. There are many imposter desserts available on this holiday, but there is only one true dessert of Thanksgiving, Pumpkin Pie … and it’s your Baba’s favorite dessert of all time!

Your Mom and I have also enjoyed a restful weekend this holiday. We are so aware we are in a period of storing sleep and enjoying downtime before you join us. We are so ready to give our time, energy, and zzz’s up for you. But, we sure wouldn’t be sad if you are good sleeper as soon as your belly can hold some food for some hours too 😉 We can negotiate these terms soon!

We’ve added the lights and characters of the holiday season to our home this past weekend too. Even though your Mom and I hoped you would be here to enjoy this with us this year, it is still fun to think about sharing it all with you soon enough. As you’ll soon learn, we are a hodgepodge of religions, traditions, and holiday characters. This basically means, we love Hanukkah Harry and Santa Claus … and add in a heavy obsession with Rudolph and the Miser Brothers, too. Needless to say, there is plenty of room for your holiday preferences as we celebrate the holidays as a family over the years.



Also, I’m breaking your Mom in on the idea of you and I enjoying enjoying some good and tacky inflatables in the front yard this time of year. I’m already shopping our favorite Rudolph and Star Wars icons. Don’t be surprised if your Mom ducks as we pull into the driveway coming home. She’ll come around though, eventually. You may need to help me out by telling her how happy it makes you feel as little kid … and later, how the inflatable is an important holiday tradition. We are going to get into some fun trouble together, little one. I can’t wait to go shopping together!

As always … thinking of you … get big … be healthy … and speak up for what you need. We are here to catch you and welcome you when it is time.

XOXO, Your Baba

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Pie & Yard Inflatables

  1. Susan says:

    Well said! I love being part of your lives with blogs and face to face…little one. You are in for a very special life if love and security! We are all anxious for your arrival. And by the way………the blow ups will be a welcoming sight!


  2. Rose Sikorski says:

    Part of your job as a parent is to embarrass your children and usually your partner as well…
    tell ‘once upon a time’ stories and make it all up as you go


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