A Quiet End to the Year…

This December, we’re enjoying a quiet end to the year.  We are taking time off work together, and resting, watching football, taking in some favorite end-of-the-year shows (the annual Over The Rhine Christmas concert, and others), and enjoying time with family and friends.

Always in the front, back, and sides of our minds is the thought that the restful end to the year, and the Q1 travel plans we are making, could abruptly change if we get a call, and we would gleefully give up damn near anything in order to welcome a baby home.  It’s not likely in these last couple of weeks of 2018, but we remain ever-hopeful.  We imagine the creative ways we’ll tell everyone when it happens, and we laugh at how those plans will likely give way to elated fatigue and a lame blog message with brief, but joyful, words.

As a bit of a status update, we’ve connected with our Social Worker Hero, and she tells us we’re doing everything right.  We’re getting presented when the opportunity is there, no changes needed, and we just keep waiting.  That’s good news, and it’s ok news too.  We are content, and a little somber.  We are happy to enjoy the rest we’re getting right now, and we know we may never sleep again after we bring our baby home.


In the meantime, it seems a good occasion to offer our thanks to each of you.  Thank you for reading along as we both express our thoughts on this blog during this lovely and awful waiting period.  Thank you for the compassion you show when we shed the occasional tear. Thank you for asking how we’re doing with it when we see you.  Thank you for sending a thought or a prayer when we cross your minds.  Thank you, each of you.

We love you.  Cheers to 2019.  We hope it brings joy to each of you.

-Jenn & Laura

One thought on “A Quiet End to the Year…

  1. Susan says:

    I am always here with you. Know that even if haven’t talked for a few days I am thinking of you 2 . So anxious for the call!! Your baby will be a blessed one. So keep on resting and enjoying your time. It will all change in an instant!! Lol. Sending you lots of love🤗


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