Admiration and Respect

After reading Jenn’s words today and rolling her thoughts around in my head, I need to do a follow-up post this evening.

If there was one super-serious post I would have shared on my own in this blog, it would be around this fertility topic Jenn posted about today. To this day, the amount of respect and admiration I have for Jenn putting her body through all we did is immense. The appointments, the countless (and not so gentle) probes, the intense impact of the hormones, the pure physical-mental-emotional exhaustion she went through was truly nothing short of amazing. Sure, I was there every step of the way too holding her hand, cheering us on, and picking up the slack in our day to day. But I was also there when I watched her come home from work and practically crawl onto the couch with no more energy to give near the end of the day – literally. It was truly the most helpless I’ve ever felt. And yet, she was so readily willing to keep at it for two years like a never ending cycle. Her determination and focus was something to behold. I will genuinely never forget it as long as I live. This is what a Mom does and the love of my life has more than earned her title of Mommy. I love you, babe.

For anyone else out there who has travelled this infertility road, mad respect coming your way! We really have empathy for the uncertain and uphill path this is. It is amazing how much we don’t openly talk about topics like this when we really need our support squad behind us. My advice is to stay confident in yourselves and be willing to reach out to close friends and others who have also gone on this journey. You are not alone!

~ Laura

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