There’s No Base Like Home…

Dear Toby,

I don’t know if you can fully appreciate how much our family wants you to come home.  We’ve been waiting so long, and we know you have too.

Your Baba is such a good caretaker, and she spends her days creating fun and learning.  Baba is loving and will be the most reliable hand you’ll ever hold.  She’s going to cry when she meets you.

Your sister, Darby, is joyful, playful, and heart-ful.  She will protect you and nurture you, and you will help each other learn how to play, love, and enjoy family time.  She’s going to cry when she meets you (different reasons). 🙂

I’m your Mama.  I’m going to cry when I meet you. I know I am your Mama.  And you will know I am your Mama, too.  Because when I hold you, our hearts will join up the way that they were meant to be joined.  When we hold hands, the energy that goes back and forth will not just connect us both, but I’ll be the tracks and you’ll be the train.  I’ll be the sidewalk and you’ll be the sneakers.  I’ll be the air traffic tower, and you’ll be the fucking 747.

This family will always do life together. We will trust each other and we will push each other to be our best selves.  We will be tough for each other, and we will be soft for each other.  We will be a team, always a team.

Your birthmother is deciding right now what’s best for you.  I know it’s us. I’m waiting for her to know it, too.  She loves you so much – enough to choose a path that will enrich your life.  It won’t always be easy – but we’ll be the best party of four in town.  We’ll lock arms and be the biggest, best Dougherty wall in a virtual game of Red Rover you’ve ever seen.

 Here are our rules of the road, baby:

  • We will show kindness and respect, always
  • We will always solve problems together
  • We will look out for one another, even if we’re not all getting along
  • We will always do life TOGETHER
  • We will love each other, no matter what

We’re a team, little one. Two coaches and a tiny player so far.  The dugout is ready for you. The grass is freshly mowed.  The coaches are waiting.  The fans are pumped. The hot dogs are warm.  The sun is shining.  The crowd is chanting.  We just need you…come play 2nd for us.

It’s our time, kiddo.  It’s your time. 

We’re here to catch you.

Come home, Toby.

Love, Mommy

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