You and Darby

Come Home

To our dearest TOBY,

This is one of your moms that you’ll call Baba. I’m writing down so many of the words that I share with you most days in the nursery when I talk to you in this blog post …
Our family will be complete when you arrive and we are excitedly waiting for you to come home to us. We already know you are strong and determined with so much to bring to this world. We truly think about you every day and encourage you to ask for what you need. When it is time, we will be here to catch you and embrace you in our love. We are honored for the chance to be the parents that raise you. I, for one, think it would perfect if you came in February yet, just so that your Mommy has juggle all of our household birthdays in one month of the year, but this is no pressure to you in the next couple of weeks. We’ll be here and we are ready for you!
Your big sister is practicing how to give you a pacifier gently, and she has moved down the hall to her big girl room to make the nursery all yours. She’s left some things for you to enjoy, but there are some new things that are in there too that are for you and only you. A sibling is the longest relationship any of us will have in our lifetimes, and we are so excited for you and Darby to share a special and close relationship over the course of your lives.
Your Mommy and I can’t wait to meet you, hold you in our arms, look into your eyes, and swaddle you up. There are so many things for us to do together as a family and we won’t be complete and ready to do all those things until you are here, too.
Some years ago when your Mom and I were dreaming about becoming parents, we had a playful discussion about how many kids we hoped to have. And, just so you know, your Baba was always definitive about having two kids. So make no mistake, your place in our home and hearts has always been here. And now we just can’t wait to meet you!
Be strong. Ask for what you need. We are here waiting for you. Come home, baby!
Your Baba

One thought on “You and Darby

  1. Susan says:

    Beautiful!! I love how well you Express your feelings. I would love to come over when this new bundle of joy arrived..and reacquaint myself with Darby♥️🤗


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