It’s a funny thing waiting. I’ve never been very good at it. And Jenn won’t mind me saying that she generally has even less patience than me. So, some days are easier than others. Generally, staying busy and getting our minds engaged in something is a good thing right now. This week, we enjoyed going to see a movie in a theater, which we haven’t done since I can’t remember. (Side note: A Star is Born is amazing!) Also, we kicked off the Broadway Season with Charlie and Chocolate Factory – a childhood favorite of Jenn’s. These moments being immersed into a two-hour story is something I really appreciate more than usual after the emotions of last week for us. I do find myself getting excited in these venues about “the first” movies and theater shows with our child. Watching discovery in a young person has always been such a high for both of us.

I’m also trying to welcome in other thoughts of inspiration daily. I want to better guide my mind space to stay open and excited, instead of being impatient and anxious about waiting. This week, I moved some inspirational cards to more prominent locations in our home in an effort to read them as the day gets going. The two that were on top of each deck today made my soul breath and my face smile. Special shout-out of thanks and love to Aunt Phyllis for giving me these cards over the years. They are a treasure.

And speaking of inspiration. Thank you to so many of our friends and family who sent such beautiful notes of support this week. It genuinely means so much to us and has been an important part of re-centering ourselves.

#ComeOnBaby #WorthTheWait

~ Laura

One thought on “Waiting

  1. Tracy Wright says:

    Sitting on the beach ,watching the sun rise and sending up a prayer for you both Some little one out there has no idea what a great life they are about to have!! Love and hugs.

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