A Note from Baba

Good morning, baby …

I know I usually speak to you around this time everyday in the room that will be yours (and I will shortly), but thought I would write to you first today on this spiffy blog your Mom initiated for us over the weekend. Your Mommy has about 1,000,000 amazing qualities, btw, and after 13 years together I just learned that she is also an amazing blog writer, too. (This wow-discovery offsets the confusing discovery last year that Mommy also has a serious thing for country music. I’m already declaring that you are on my team on that one and together we’ll manage Mommy’s music airtime.)


I woke up this morning remembering that your Mother and I started a book of notes a minute or two ago about our thoughts on becoming parents. I decided I had a hunch about which cardboard box in the basement held this little book today. Turns out the first entry was in September of 2007 when we had our first conversation about finding you. About a year and half after that entry, your Mom and I got married. When you get here we’ll show you the sand vase that was made on that day. It’s significant because it’s filled with pours of support and love from “our village”, that will also be your village. Some of those villagers watch over us from above now. A lot of other villagers blew us away yesterday sending beautiful notes of support and love as we more openly talked about our final leg of the journey toward finding you. It does take a village sometimes, baby – and we all can’t wait to meet you soon.

We are ready to mobilize to come get you when we get the call. Your nursery is painted and furniture is set-up and ready to go. Your dresser looks brand new, but it was your Mommy’s when she was a little girl and she refinished it with love for you. We are supposed to get a call today from the framing shop for the print your Mommy has wanted for years because it has an image of the essence of you in it. Sorry in advance if you don’t like your pink nail clippers – See Mommy’s previous entry on why they are that color. I have spent the proportionate amount of installation time and have uttered the appropriate number of curse words to be sure your car seat base is properly installed in the car. (Side note, your Mom is fine cussing in blog posts while your Baba mostly cusses when she is grumbling or mad.) Your diaper bag is packed up and ready for a road trip to you too. Your Mommy laughed at me because I insisted on putting in it a couple of little books to have for the car ride home. I already know how smart you are and I know you’ll want to start learning right away. I have already started a reading list for us too, including Darth Vader & Son“, or Vader’s Little Princess … You can decide which one you want when it’s time.

Hope your week is off to a good start, baby. Monday mornings can be tough sometimes, but it usually gets better from there. 

Speak to you more upstairs.

Love, Baba  (aka Laura)

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