Top Ten Things Overheard Since Darby Came Home

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 4.03.40 PM.png

10. Houston, we have an explosion.

9.  Let’s swaddle you babe, because the wiggles need a time out. 

8.  Remember how you left the house yesterday?  I’d like to do that today.

7.  I got the booger!

6.  Her diaper area is clean.  Mine could use a shower.

5.  See how your mom is when she gets sassy?  You’re gonna want to master that.  See how she’s still mouthing off over there?

5.  Baba should have been more responsible with that pacifier.

4.  We’re funny when we get a little bit of sleep.

3.  Baby fish mouth is sweeping the nation. (Used in reference to a see-through pacifier.  Bonus points if you know the movie reference.)

2.  The bar on what is gross really changes when you’re a mom.

1. You need a little nap, Darby, because it’s a mad world.

1. Oops, the baby’s leaking.  (When she has formula dripping from her mouth after she eats.)

1. Do you have a license for all those wiggles, Darby?

1. I’m glad you pooped, Darby.  Because your mom was minutes away from calling the doctor.

1. How come there are fourteen things on your top ten list?  Because you can’t count when you’re this tired.


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