Johnny Cash & Julia Roberts

Hey little one ….

Your Mom and I can’t help but feel eager with anticipation excited on the eve of Thanksgiving as we have history with meeting a special little person this time of year. I can’t help but think that this holiday will have some sort of significance on your journey to us. We’ll compare notes whenever you are supposed to find your forever home here with us.

I thought you’d like to know a few “isms” about your new home that you’ll learn to love or look at us with silly expressions about:


  • I’ll start with this Cry-Cry-Cry onesie we bought in Nashville on our weekend Babymoon before we meet you. Your Baba is fascinated with Johnny Cash’s journey and story. I managed to drag your Mommy into his museum where we bought this for you. You’ll hear Mommy make fun of the fact his songs all pretty much have the same 3-chord riffs in them. But, it’s important to show some respect to the Man In Black.
  • Speaking of music, it is a very big thing in your new home. It’s often playing and we have literally built a soundtrack to our lives. You’ll either enjoy them or roll your eyes at the range of one-liners we sing readily. And, it is pretty much a given in your new home to know and love the Indigo Girls library and appreciate the magic of Broadway songs. But don’t worry, beyond that we love a wide variety of genres. You already have a couple of songs picked for you on “your playlist” and we look forward to you choosing many, many more over the years. Just ask Alexa as you’ll find she is very helpful.
  • It’s also important to know Star Wars is a big thing in your house. We’ll tell you which movies in the series are the must-watch ones … and which ones you only have to see once. Then, it’s just a given we’re going to see every new one that comes out in the theater. There aren’t many movies we’ll say that about. There are some new characters in the new movies that have a lot of potential on their storyline, so this makes me hopeful you will like them too once they figure out how to let go of the previous characters gracefully. Also, you’ll either be impressed or embarrassed at the Star Wars license plates and decals on our automobiles. And yes, this is open for change and discussion if your opinion is the latter. 😉
  • Regarding movies in general – Your Mom is especially very into them and will love showing you the ones in her “favorites” library (hope you like Julia Roberts…just sayin’). You’ll get to break the tie, as you get older, if we lean more toward chick flicks or action movies. We’ll both tell you there isn’t a “wrong” answer, but that isn’t exactly true. 😉 We’ll attempt to act with maturity as we plead our cases to you (even though we’ll probably fail on the maturity part, LOL). Also, your interests in movies will probably help us appear a little more cool than we’ve been in a while specific to what is “in” and what is “out”.
  • There are a four, furry, four-legged kitties in your home waiting to meet you. They may act a little skittish as you bring some decibels and commotion into your forever home, so give them the benefit of the doubt for a little bit. Also, I ask you before you are even born – and will about 1,000 times again later – please let them come to you and do not pull their tails. This is actually in your best interest, so please trust me on this advice!
  • I’m sure there is more I’m forgetting, but these are the most obvious ones. The biggest thing to remember is that we’ve been waiting for you for many years and our hearts, minds, and preferences are wide open for you to influence. We look forward to seeing what things interest you, what talents you have, and what aspirations we can help you achieve over the course of your life. So, I guess what I’m saying is we’ll figure it all out together when you get here … And we’ll enjoy every step we take together toward the future.

We already love you so much little one…we’ve talked about you for a decade or so and you’ve been in our hearts forever.  We are being as patient as we can right now, and we can’t wait to share all the love we have saved up just for you. Happy Thanksgiving, little one. Hope you get to enjoy some turkey and pumpkin pie (your Baba’s favorite dessert of the year!). Get bigger and grow strong!!
                                                ~ Love, Baba

3 thoughts on “Johnny Cash & Julia Roberts

  1. Anonymous says:

    To our little one, please know that there are grandparents awaiting you with open arms, who are more than willing to give your Mommy and Baba a little time to themselves when they need it. We have a crib all ready for you, as well as a bed when you’re old enough! We also have arms that are ready to hold you, and lips that are ready to kiss you! You will be lucky enough to be the child of two extremely loving and happy parents, and part of a loving and crazy family who have loved you for so long!! Welcome home, sweet baby, whenever the time is right!!!

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  2. Papa says:

    To my little grandchild not yet part of our family, My arms and heart are waiting for you to arrive. You will be loved and cared for beyond your wildest imagination. I will teach you what others can’t, but love isn’t one of those things because your entire family will teach and show what love and family is all about. If you happen to be a sweet little girl we will have tea parties on the steps and if you are a little boy we will dig in the dirt and get really, really dirty. Either way I can’t wait to meet you. Please hurry! I love you already!!

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